Open Minded Design

Why Stage Your Home?

We carefully select styles, colours and textures for our living room furniture and accessories to bring you striking pieces that would work well for home staging. The house sells better if it communicates a feeling of well-being and happiness.

Create an inviting gathering place with our gorgeous dining room sets and top-notch accessories. We offer traditional as well as contemporary pieces to suit any style and any budget. If you are staging a small space, define a dining area with our special collection of compact size furniture.

When you are staging a house, you cannot overlook the home office. Stage it with our stylish desks, chairs and bookshelves to demonstrate potential buyers how the home office could look like. Add an attractive table lamp and a distinct piece of art to transform a room into a quiet place of work and reflection.

Accessories can add interest to any room, revitalize existing living space or serve as a stunning focal point. Choose from our selection of sumptuous pillows, exclusive artwork, gorgeous draperies and light fixtures to achieve the look that would emphasize the positive features of your property.